In the Argolic Gulf, as in the rest of Greece, the overwhelming majority of tourism has long been environmental tourism, with visitors coming from around the world to enjoy the region’s sunshine, blue seas and incredible natural beauty.

Yet the tourism of today is different from that of decades past. Visitors are ever more eager to reduce their own impact and to enjoy a broader range of experiences surrounded by natural splendour, from hiking trails to diving and fishing tourism to taking part in activities on a traditional farm.

As such, the development of eco- and agritourism in the Argolic Gulf can constitute a win-win-win scenario, providing local enterprises with a competitive edge, creating incentives for the regeneration and protection of nature, while also providing domestic and international visitors with greater opportunities to reconnect with nature and ensure that their tourism spending is working to the benefit of the environment.

The AEF will work with local enterprises to further accelerate the shift that is already underway towards environmentally conscious forms of tourism, helping expand the tourism season and create greater incentives for the protection of local ecosystems. In this, the AEF can play the role of a catalyst, helping local businesses pool resources, access outside sources of funding, and draw on international know-how and networks ushering in a new era of tourism for the Argolic Gulf.

Ecotourism Development grants

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