The AEF was established in 2021 to help the communities of the Argolic Gulf become leaders in the transition to sustainability, protecting and regenerating key marine and terrestrial ecosystems and improving the relationship between humans and nature.

We work with local partners to develop and implement practical solutions to the region’s most pressing environmental issues. We believe that environmental sustainability need not come at the cost of economic development – rather, that the opposite is true.

By protecting and growing the natural capital of this special corner of Greece, we will help ensure health, abundance and resilience for its natural and human communities.

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Our people

A Steering Committee (SC), composed of founding and actively involved donors, directs the strategy. They analyse and approve grants and use their personal networks to broaden the base of supporters. The SC members have a wide array of backgrounds and interests, but all share a passion for protecting the Argolic Gulf’s outstanding natural beauty.

Our local team consists of one person as the local Executive Director in charge of day-to-day management and coordination work on the ground, assisted by advisors and the SC.



    Executive Director

    Pavlos Zafiropoulos is the Executive Director of the Argolic Environment Foundation. He was born to a Greek father and British mother in Mexico City. Due to his father’s role as a diplomat, his family moved regularly, and he grew up in Washington DC, Chicago and Athens before heading to the UK for his university studies. After attaining degrees in biology and science communication, in 2007 he relocated to Athens where he began his career in journalism.

    A firm believer in the power of popular media to shape new narratives and achieve positive change, Pavlos has spent the years since reporting extensively from around Greece for major domestic and international media outlets. He has focused primarily on environmental and travel reporting while also covering stories related to Greece’s sovereign debt crisis and the mass arrival of refugees in Europe.

    Pavlos passionately believes that adapting human activities in order to protect, preserve and grow the world’s natural capital is at once a moral and practical necessity. He believes in the simple truth that only civilizations that do not destroy the systems that support them have any shot at stability, and is committed to helping put Greek society on a more sustainable path, one in which humans, and all other species, thrive.


How we work

Channelling funds from businesses and philanthropists to grassroots nature regeneration projects.

Tapping into our network of experts to ensure we support the projects offering the largest returns for nature.

Seeking to build local coalitions that catalyse systemic change.

Filling a gap by being agile, unbureaucratic, and ‘getting stuff done’.

Providing projects with vital funds to scale their impact.

Attracting new sources of environmental funding by showcasing what can be achieved by nature regeneration.

Pooling funds and creating leverage for each donor to share in the successes generated by total AEF funds raised.

We strongly believe that supporting local environmental groups can make a positive impact and bring about long-lasting change.