Grant Criteria Overview

    • Applications for funding from the AGEF should fit into one of the Fund’s key focus areas outlined in our Areas of Interest

    • Proposals should be presented in a concise, narrative form, without extensive documentation; they should be clear and compelling, with the objective to create measurable and sustainable long-term results

    • The organisation must display strong and effective leadership

    • Sustainability/nature regeneration must be a key outcome of the project

    • The project must demonstrate positive community, local, or national impact


    Who is the lead person in charge of the implementation of the project?


    AGEF Area of Interest of the project*

    Details about the project you are requesting funding for.

    acronym, short, descriptive

    This section should clearly and concisely summarize the request for AGEFs support.
    It should provide the reader with a framework that will help them visualise the project. Summarize your project in 1500 characters or about 200 words or less. Include your goals/objectives, anticipated results, and any broader significance.

    This section should address the specific problem area or need for which assistance is being sought. Information based on objective research should be provided to justify the need or problem. The issue of concern should fall into one of the AGEF's areas of interest.

    This section describes the applicant project lead and organisation and their qualifications for funding, credibility and track record. It should demonstrate that it is the best organisation to carry out the proposed project, with the means and the imagination to solve the particular problem or meet the need.


    Provide information for other individuals (up to three people) whose roles are critical to the proposed project. Note: Please DO NOT list yourself as a team member.

    Collaborator #1

    Collaborator #2

    Collaborator #3


    This section should detail the outcomes of the project in measurable terms. Provide a succinct description of what the organisation hopes to accomplish. Please summarize the relevant outputs you expect to produce (e.g., a conservation management plan, new tool, data) including the changes you expect to result from these outputs and who/what will benefit.

    How will you accomplish this project? This section should describe the activities to be conducted to achieve the desired objectives including the rationale for choosing a particular approach. Please detail the methods or activities you will use to complete your project and why these methods are the best choices. Note any special or unusual tools or techniques you plan to use. List and describe the steps you will take to implement your approach, and provide a chronological description of the operations of the proposed project would be adequate.

    When will you report on the progress of the project? The first report is usually submitted within one month of the start of the project; subsequent reports will depend on the scope of the project.

    This section should detail the costs to be met by the funding and where applicable, those to be provided for by other parties. Please include both administrative and programme costs.

    * Required fields

    Additional files (if required)

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    Note: Please feel free to use links in the application to any important data, publication, article etc that provides more information about the specific issue of concern and/or to attach any relevant documents that indicates the capacity of the applicant to implement the plan of the project successfully.


    • I confirm that all the information in this application is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I agree that you can check the information in it and any supporting documents with other people and organisations if required.

    • My organisation has the power to accept a grant, under your terms, and the power to pay back the grant if the terms are not being met.

    • I understand that any misleading statements (whether deliberate or accidental) I give at any point during the application process, or any information I knowingly withhold, could mean my organisation’s application is not valid, in which case you will cancel the grant and claim back the money we have received, stop assessing and return the application, or withdraw any grant you offered my organisation.

    • I am authorised to put forward this application on behalf of my organisation.

    • On behalf of my organisation, I agree that if we receive any grant from you for our project, we will keep to the standard terms of grant and any further terms and conditions set out in the grant notification letter.

    If you have any questions please contact:

    AGEF Executive Director: Pavlos Zafiropoulos